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Datum Locker 0.1

A free application to keep your logins and other sensible data locked and safe
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Datum Locker is an excellent free tool to help you keep your passwords and other sensitive data perfectly organized and – what is more important – safely locked and hidden in your system. It requires you to log in using a password and forces you to create a logical folder system to make sure that your notes and logins are always stored where you can find them.

The system uses your own entry key as a means to associate your data with your system, wrapping all your logins and notes in an unbreakable code using a mathematical cryptographic algorithm. Thus, probably the most sensitive data in the whole encryption process is the key or password that you are required to create the first time you use the program. If you happen to enter a different password when trying to access your data, the program will not warn you about this, but you will be able to see the consequences right away. The data you enter with the old key will be completely unreadable, and if you happen to enter any new records using this new (and wrong) key, these will become unusable the next time to log in using the original password. But this will not be the worst of your problems – forgetting the original key will become a real nightmare, as it will destroy all possibilities of recovering the logins and other data stored in Datum Locker. This surely makes this application as safe as Fort Knox, but it requires you to be extra-careful when choosing and remembering your password.

The interface itself is as simple as they come – anyone can make use of this free utility without even taking a look at the available online help. All you need to know is that the program can be customized to lock itself up at your preferred time interval.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Intuitive interface, suitable for all types of users
  • Excellent folder structure to keep you data perfectly organized


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